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What You’ll Get as a New Member of the Chaikin Trust

You’ll instantly receive everything we publish.

That includes our flagship newsletter, Power Gauge Report (Value: $199 a year)…

Marc’s monthly Market Insights (Value: $999 a year)…

Along with all of our high-priced, specialized services that retail for thousands of dollars a year.

Including our research on how to profit from the most important trends in the word today:

  • Power Gauge Investor (Value: $5,000 a year)

Our short-term, tactical research service:

  • Chaikin PowerTactics (Value: $5,000 a year)

Our first-ever trading research service:

  • Chaikin PowerTrader (Value: $5,000 a year)

And perhaps most importantly…

You’ll receive complete and total access to the highest level of the Power Gauge system itself, year after year, including any enhancements and features we add in the future:

  • Chaikin Analytics (Value: $5,000 a year)

But that’s only the beginning.

You’ll also unlock the long list of Trust-only service benefits…

  • Access to our new research services, systems, and recommendations – sometimes weeks before anyone else! As we grow and add new research services to our roster, year after year, you’ll automatically be first in line to receive them, without paying an extra penny. We’ll aim for your membership to go up in value by $10,000, every single year.
  • Exclusive Quarterly Chaikin Trust Meetings – Each quarter, you will have the exclusive opportunity to hear from the Chaikin Analytics team. These meetings will cover a wide range of topics – “state-of-the-union” updates on the U.S. stock market, updates on our services and recommendations, and even walk-throughs of specific trades or strategies. This is an exclusive broadcast for our Trust members ONLY and will never be offered or sold to the general public. And they will always be recorded for your convenience if you can’t make the scheduled time.
  • Your Dedicated Trust Concierge – This is a team of special Member Services agents trained to serve our best customers. Just give them a call on your dedicated Trust phone line, and you’ll essentially be able to “cut in line” whenever you have questions or need assistance.

Your benefits designed to ensure you never feel “information overload”…

  • Your Trust-Only Members Portal – You’ll also get instant access to an enhanced website experience for Trust members ONLY. We designed it to prevent information overload, so you can quickly get the details you need about our recommendations and strategies – and easily tune out all the rest! It will have more tools and functionality than our current platform, including a special dashboard that lists all of our ACTIVE recommendations for you in one place. Everything you could ever need from Chaikin Analytics will live conveniently on this one private website.
  • Exclusive Lunch & Learn Session – As a new Member, the first benefit we hope you take advantage of is a dedicated session to learn all about your new membership. For 45 minutes to an hour, our dedicated Educational Director will guide you through your new member website, your exclusive Trust benefits, and more. Everything you need to get the most out of your membership straight away will be covered in this virtual session.
  • Access to the Chaikin Trust WeeklyInside this weekly email, you’ll find new, exclusive content for Trust members. This might be a recap of the most important ideas just shared across all of our research, to ensure you don’t miss a single recommendation or update. Or it could be a short video from our editorial team, covering an important financial story, investment trend, or signal in the Power Gauge.

And perhaps the greatest Chaikin Trust benefit of all…

  • The Loved One Legacy Pledge – When the time comes, we pledge to transfer all of the subscriptions, benefits, and perks laid out above to a family member or loved one of your choosing.

When you do, we’ll Issue a Credit for EVERY Dollar You’ve Spent on Our Work

The price to become a Chaikin Trust member is $20,000.

(Which is still less than what you’d pay to access everything we currently publish for just a single year.)

However, that doesn’t have to be YOUR price.

When you join today, we’ll still issue a credit for every dollar you’ve already spent on our research.

In other words, if you’ve spent $5,000 on our work, you can join the Trust for $15,000.

If you’ve spent $10,000 so far – you can become a Trust member for just $10,000.

And if you’ve spent $20,000 or more on our work to date… it’s likely you can join the Chaikin Trust right now, totally FREE of charge.

Just please remember:



We’re inviting you to give the Trust a try for the next 60 days.

You’ll have two full months of unlimited access to EVERYTHING we publish. Take that time to review all of your new research, recommendations, and benefits.

Attend a Lunch & Learn session.

Get to know your dedicated Trust Concierge.

And if the Chaikin Trust doesn’t meet your expectations, you can simply cancel for a CASH refund, minus a 5% cancellation fee that will still be returned to you in the form of a $1,000 Chaikin Analytics credit.

We’re confident you’ll love the Trust experience, which is designed to be superior in every single way.

But we want you to receive our work in the way that works best for you.

So, if you decide the Trust isn’t for you, you can instantly go back to your old subscription.


  • There’s no big risk.
  • No big commitment.
  • And unrestricted upside.

For further inquiries or questions, please call our
Chaikin Trust line at (888) 453-6891